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“Expertengruppe Bildungsberatung” is comprised of independent experts who are soundly familiar with the specifics of German Schools Abroad and other international educational institutions. They possess long-term personal experience as heads of such schools and professional insight into the administration of educational institutions and processes both on a federal and state level. These experts share a common understanding of quality in the areas of teaching and education with the German promoting authorities but act independently and on their own initiative.

Klaus Steinmetz

Executive of “Expertengruppe Bildungsberatung”. Since 2010: Freelance consultant for international educational institutions; since 2006: Executive of “Klaus Steinmetz – education downunder ltd.”; 2007 – 2010: Founding executive and head teacher of two international bilingual private schools in Munich and Hanover; 2000 – 2007: Head of the German International School Sydney; 1994 – 1999: member of the school executive of a Gymnasium in Hanover; 1984 – 1991: German-funded teacher at the German School of Barcelona; 1976 – 1984 and 1994 – 1999 full-time teacher in Lower Saxony; before 1976: University studies and teacher training in Political Sciences, Biology and Sports.


Dr. Anton von Walter

Executive of “Expertengruppe Bildungsberatung”.  2005-2012: Director of the Teacher Training Institute in Speyer, cooperation with the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (ZfA) in training seminars for future head teachers and in school inspections in the BLI-process; 1999 – 2005: Head of the German School of Barcelona, head of the advisory council of head teachers of German Schools Abroad; 1987 – 1999: Director of the Teacher Training Institute in Kaiserslautern; before 1987: Full-time teacher in Rhineland-Palatinate, co-author of various textbooks, Ph.D. in TEFL, university studies and teacher training in English and German studies.


Next to the two executives Klaus Steinmetz and Dr. Anton von Walter, there are other renowned experts in education, teacher training, and consulting who cooperate with  “Expertengruppe Bildungsberatung” as freelancers.

References: Available on request

Sabine Gilles

Head of the Dudenhofen consultative body on the transition from pre-school to elementary education (since 2011); advisor on full-time education at elementary school level and consultant for German schools abroad (since 2008); head of a three-tier full-time elementary school in Dudenhofen/Pfalz (since 2003); elementary school teacher (1995 – 2003); teaching qualification for elementary schools (1993 – 1994); perennial stay at Lisbon/Portugal; full-time teacher in a Rhineland-Palatinate Gymnasium; 1974 – 1982: university studies and teacher training in Sports and Geography for secondary schools at the University of Mainz (1974 – 1982).

Silke Heubach

Since 2011: Lecturer in Pedagogy, Psychology, and German at a vocational college for Social Pedagogy; 2009 – 2011: Teaching Assistant and Special Educational Needs coordinator; 2008 – 2009: Founder and head of a bilingual preschool cooperating with a bilingual primary school; 2006 – 2008: Educationalist in the early enhancement of handicapped children; 1995 – 1998: Preschool head teacher at the Javea International College/Spain; 1987 – 1994: Licensed nursery school teacher; before 1987: University studies in Educational Science and Special Education at the Leibniz University of Hanover.

Dr. Gesa Köhl

German-funded teacher at the European School of Frankfurt am Main (since 2012); supervisor for Mathematics at the Teacher Training Institute in Speyer (2010 – 2012); lecturer at the Institute for In-Service-Training for Teachers in Mainz (since 2008); teacher of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences at secondary level in Rhineland-Palatinate (2006 – 2012); strategy consultant with an international consulting firm (2002 – 2006); several scientific research fellowships in Louisiana/USA; university degree and PhD in Physics at the University of Bonn.

Margit Lindenmann

Since 2002: School inspector in the Ministry of Education of Lower Saxony, responsible for elementary, secondary, and comprehensive schools and specifically for quality management in the state’s elementary schools; 1994 – 2002: Head teacher in an elementary school; 1985 – 1990: German funded teacher at the German School of Pretoria/South Africa; teacher trainer for English; member of a ministerial commission establishing programs for the teaching of foreign laguages in primary education with in-service training courses in Finland, Russia, UK, and the Netherlands; coordinator of training seminars for future head teachers; 1973 – 1985: Full-time teacher in elementary and secondary schools in Lower Saxony; before 1973: University studies and teacher training in Mathematics and English at the University of Oldenburg.

Dietrich Schairer, M.A.

Since 2005: Head teacher of a Gymnasium with special classes for gifted students and director of a teacher training center in Munich, advisor on the teaching of History classes in schools preparing for the International Baccalaureate, lecturer in regional in-service-training programs for teachers; 1999 – 2005: Head of the German School and European International School Manila, preparing for the multilingual International Baccalaureate; 1989 – 1998: Head of English and History faculties in a Gymnasium in Munich, coordinator of the “Semester in Germany”-program of the University of Wisconsin in Munich; 1985 – 1988: German-funded teacher at the German School of Helsinki; 1978 – 1984: Full-time teacher in Munich; before 1978: University studies and teacher training in English, Politics, and Philosophy at the Universities of Munich, Konstanz, and Sussex.

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