Quality mangement in education is a common cause for school boards and heads, parents and teaching staff. It is also a matter of concern to business companies interested in securing high quality education for the children of their foreign service employees.

In the long term, quality development and quality assurance in schools can only succeed if school management, staff, and parents share a common vision, identify with the educational profile of their school, and cooperate in realising essential quality criteria and aims. In our understanding, these include:

  • enhancing independent and self-organised learning
  • promoting individual talents, abilities, and interests
  • imparting knowledge, skills, competences, and values
  • encouraging students to fulfil their potential

Personnel management, assessment and school evaluation also demand an intimate familariarity with the specific requirements and overall conditions of the educational institutions in focus.

The expert group has the professional competence and experience to provide realistic, integral and sustainable solutions.

For all counselling projects, topics and conditions can be specified on demand. School boards and heads, policy makers in human resources and agencies interested in such a project are asked to contact the expert group’s executives.

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